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Your Hero, Jess Thompson
29 May
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My name is Jess. I like noodles.
acting, adventuring, air hockey, alone time, barbarians, barenaked ladies, bashing republicans, being lazy, beowulf, bill murray, brak, buddy christ, bumper cars, bunnies, calvin and hobbes, canada, cargo shorts, cartoon network, cats, chaos, cheerios, cheese, chinese food, clerks, coffee, comedy, confusion, cotton, cows, crackers, crunchy peanut butter, dancing, dave matthews band, democrats, diners, dirt, dogma, dollar stores, dozing off, duct tape, exaggerating, fencing, final fantasy 6, food, freedom, friends, fun, funk, funnel cake, funny stuff, gamecube, geeks, george carlin, hershey park, hootenannies, humor, intelligence, invader zim, jazz, jesus, jim, kevin smith, kitties, laughing, learning, lewis black, life, literature, love, making fun of people, making mischief, making movies, mock epics, monkeys, monty python, movies, moxy fruvous, mr. t, mst3k, mud, music, naked time, napping, new jersey, night light jesus, oatmeal creme pies, onions, pajamas, pants, people who are witty, philosophy, pie, ping-pong, pirates, pit band, plastic, plotting, potted meat food product, powerpuff girls, reading, redheads, relaxing, resting, rockaway, rocko's modern life, roller coasters, rubber duckies, sarcasm, sheep, shiny things, shoprite, singing, skiing, slacking off, sleeping, socks, south park, space ghost, spaceballs, spontaneity, sporks, spuds, strangers, strong bad, stuff, sugar, super smash brothers, swings, tacos, tea, tetris, the "llama llama", the bronco, the emperor's new groove, the far side, the letter w, the onion, things, thinking, tim burton, uhf, unkie kurt, video games, waffle houses, waffles, wandering, weird al yankovic, woodland creatures, woodrow wilson, writing